Touché Music

Welcome to the world of  Touché Music .

Touché Music - the Swedish select  and independent record  company  chooses its artists with a finely tuned ear for talent and is always committed to producing jazz music of high quality along with high quality sound.

So far the listeners, including the reviewers, have received Touché Music's production very well:

"Touché Music  is a very interesting label for jazz music."

"The small company Touché Music  continues its high class productions and gives us emotionally-charged music to love."


Day Dream Gustavo Bergalli : DAY DREAM CD-003 US$ Buy Now!
Close Lina Nyberg : CLOSE CD-004 US$ Buy Now!
Cry me a River Anders Lindskog : CRY ME A RIVER CD-005 US$ Buy Now!
A Time For Love Agneta Baumann : A TIME FOR LOVE CD-006 US$ Buy Now!
Tango in Jazz Gustavo Bergalli : TANGO IN JAZZ CD-007 US$ Buy Now!
Sketches of Roses Elise Einarsdotter : SKETCHES OF ROSES CD-008 US$ Buy Now!
Back From Where We Came Kjell Jansson : BACK FROM WHERE WE CAME CD-009 US$ Buy Now!
Fine Together Anders Lindskog : FINE TOGETHER CD-010 US$ Buy Now!
Comes Love.... Agneta Baumann : COMES LOVE... CD-011 US$ Buy Now!
Monk by Five Ulf Adaker : MONK BY FIVE CD-012 US$ Buy Now!
Summer Night Elise Einarsdotter : SUMMER NIGHT CD-013 US$ Buy Now!
Yiddish 'n Jazz Rebecka Gordon : YIDDISH 'n' JAZZ CD-014 US$ Buy Now
Song For A Willow Irene Siogien : SONG FOR A WILLOW CD-015 US$ Buy Now!
Reflections Ulf Adaker : REFLECTIONS CD-016 US$ Buy Now!
Sentimental Lady Agneta Baumann : SENTIMENTAL LADY CD-017 US$  

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Jonas Knutsson Quartet Jonas Knutsson  Quartet CD-018 US$ Buy Now!
Mingus By Five Ulf Adaker : Mingus By Five TCD-019 US$ Buy Now!
Two Basses Jesper Lundgarrd & Mads Vinding :


CD-020 US$ Buy Now!
Reunion Amada Sedgwick : REUNION CD-021 US$ Buy Now!
Lonely Fungus Anders Persson : LONELY FUNGUS CD-022 US$ Buy Now!
Who Are You? Linda Pettersson : WHO ARE YOU? CD-023 US$ Buy Now!
Jesper Lundgaard : TRIO PLAYS CORNELIS CD-024 US$ Buy Now!
Jesper Lundgaard and Mads Vinding: BASSMENTS
CD-025 US$ Buy Now!
Max Schultz : PLAYS COLTRANE CD-027 US$ Buy Now!