STS Digital, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

The Audiophile's Choice

With an extensive list of magazines that shower superlatives upon STS Digital, we are convinced that we deliver High-End audio and emotion in abundancy. Yes, we have been saving the best for last...

If you want to experience the ultimate classic stereo or 5.0 SACD FROM STS-DIGITAL, please contact our authorized distributor in North America and don't just take our word for it because only hearing is believing.

The test/demo CD's/SACD's are ones that you will not find on the shelves of music stores. All recordings on this CD/SACD were made exclusively for this test/demo CD/SACD and have been recorded digitally.

We hope you will enjoy listening to these fine recordings. Again we have tried to push the limits and produce a SACD with a quality way above average. Let us know what you think of it, as we are really keen to know your opinion.




High-End Audiophile Test Demo CD

HIgh-End Audiophile Test Demo CD  Vol 1
STS6111134  US$33  Buy Now! 
High-end Audiophile Test Demo CD Vol 2
STS6111146  US$33  Buy Now!  
  Extended  Dynamic Experience  4 STS611145  us$33  Buy Now!  
Groove into Bits  Vol 1 STS-611119 US$32 Buy Now!
  Groove into Bits Vol 2  STS-61111 US$32  Buy Now! 
  Incredible Music & Recordings  STS-611130 US$32  Buy Now!



Dynamic Experience Classic Vol 1




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 Symphonic Jazz, Siltech STS-611177


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High-End Audiophile  LP

  Tango Extremo (Live Recording STS6111136  US$48 Buy Now! 
  Old Betsy "The sound of big Ben Webster STS6111129  US$48 Buy Now! 
  Sound Design 6 STS6111113  US$48 Buy Now!