NorthWest Classics

NorthWest Classics is Europe's premier audiophile label, founded in The Netherlands in 1998.

Our goal is simple: to unite the newest cutting edge audio recording technology with the finest performers and musical literature available from all corners of the globe.

Through our parent company Kompas CD Multimedia bv we were the first small label recording in the 192 kHz 24 bit DVD audio format, later in the new DSD/SACD format and we released our first prize winning SACD Hybrid Hans Ruckers -The Musical Legacy in 2000, whilst other record companies were still debating which format choice to make. The decisions we have taken regarding recording technique and disc format are based solely on how the music, performers and audiences concerned can best be served and is not governed by the marketing hype of hardware manufacturers or the shifting tastes of 'electronic fashions'.

Perhaps of primary importance is that NorthWest Classics recordings are made by musicians, with musicians, for you, the listener. Our goal is musical communication, in the most personal sense of the word. This philosophy means that we actively participate in an intimate and interactive dialogue with our artists concerning such decisions as the selection of pieces to be performed, arrangements, scoring, the choice of instruments that best fit the music and the acoustics in which they are to be recorded.

SACD Hybrid


Sonatas and Fantasies NWC-211193 US$ Buy Now!
Secret Notes NWC-412152 US$ Buy Now!
Sarabando NWC-306168 US$ Buy Now!
Ginastera & Montsalvatge Concerti NWC-411087 US$ Buy Now!
Organum Dominicum NWC-204089 US$ Buy Now!
Mozart Violin Sonatas vol.1 NWC-303136 US$ Buy Now!
3 Concertos for a New Century NWC-109206 US$ Buy Now!
Bella Figura NWC-202090 US$ Buy Now!
Buenos Aires NWC-205275 US$ Buy Now!
Haydn Harp Concerti NWC-206241 US$ Buy Now!
The Musical Legacy NWC-128390 US$ Buy Now!