Elekit TU-8900

TU-8900 2A3/300B SE Tube Amplifier Kit (without Tube Set) $1,475.00

Directly-heated triode tubes like the 300B and 2A3 enjoy an enduring popularity among audiophiles. The 300B with its rich midrange and extended bass - and 2A3 with its delicate expression and gentle tone - they offer a very special sonic experience. These 2 tubes, similar in appearance but very different in characteristics, can both be used in TU-8900 without any special changes in amplifier settings. Many manufacturers are producing 300B and 2A3 tubes so users can enjoy trying the various versions availablein the market.


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TU-8900  Stock version     $1,475.00  
Upgrade Options    
1.   Lundahl LL2785C Amorphous Core + PCB + HV Cables $     TBA
2.   V-CAP ODAM   0.1uF   (2 pcs)  or       $   100.00  
3.   Mundorf  0.1uF  Supreme EVO Silver Gold oil  (2 pcs)    or              $   90.00  
4.   V-CAP CuTF 0.1 (2  pcs) $   190.00  
5.   Cossor/Linlai  Delux 2A3 $   285.00  
7.   Cossor/Linlai WE2A3 $   385.00  
8.    Sylvania 12BH7A  (2 pcs) or $     80.00  
9.     Western Electric 300B  5 years warranty $1,475.00  
If you buy TU-8900 with LL2785C + Western Electric 300B, Cossor/Linlai Delux is free of chagrge
Lundahl LL2785C Amorphous Core coreC  



Circuit configuration Vacuum tube stereo power amplifier
Output stage

2A3/300B Class A. single ended, active bias adjustment

Voltage amplification stage 12BH7/ 12AU7 (ECC82) X 2
Heater, filament power DC- power (LDO used)
B -Power

MOSFET + BJT ripple filter (for L and R separately)

Max output ( < THD 10%)  8W + 8W -300B,  3.5W  + 3.5W - 2A3
Rated input

1 Vrms (300B) /650m Vrms (2A3)

Frequrency response (-3dB)

7Hz - 90kHz (with NFB) /12Hz -45kHz (Without NFB)

Residual noise (IHF-A, 8ohm load)

15uV (IHF-A)

Input impedance 50kohm
Input terminal

RCA jack stereo, 1 line

Output Terminal

Gold-plated binding terminal (Banana plug)

Headphone impedance 8-600ohm , unbalanced
Power voltage

110-120V AC OR 230V AC 50/60Hz

IEC standard 3P inlet

Power consumption

95W (300B) /65W (2A3)


W356 x H214 x D320


Approx 11.40Kg