TU-882R Stereo Tube Headphone Amp
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TU-882R   5670W Vacuum Tube                                    

HEADPHONE AMLIFIER (120V)            


 TU-882R (Kit)                       $380.00

 TU-882AS (PCB assembled) $445.00                             


TU-882R (Kit)                     $380.00

TU-882AS (PCB assembled) $445.00
Vacuum tube / 5670W x 2
Rated output / 200mW(RL=6Ω or 32Ω or 600Ω)
Output impedance / LOW 4~20Ω、MID 20~100Ω、HIGH 100~1kΩ
Rate input / 400mV
Input resistance / 50kΩ
Frequency response / 20Hz~50kHz
Voltage / AC120V 50/60Hz (230V add $25.00)
Dimension / W130H120D250mm
Power consumption / 10W
Weight / 2.4kg

Great for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts:


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