TU-882AS  Stereo Vacuum  Tube 5670(W) X 2  Headphone Amplifier

Everyone can enjoy assembling this PCB assembled kit with ease—soldering is not required!


TU-882AS - Step by Step Assembly Guide

Vacuum tube / 5670W x 2
Rated output / 200mW(RL=6Ω or 32Ω or 600Ω)
Output impedance / LOW 4~20Ω、MID 20~100Ω、HIGH 100~1kΩ
Rate input / 400mV
Input resistance / 50kΩ
Frequency response / 20Hz~50kHz
Voltage / AC120V 50/60Hz
Dimension / W130×H120×D250mm
Power consumption / 10W
Weight / 2.4kg

TU-882AS (120V)   $410.00

TU-882AS(230V)   $410.00

PCB assembled  and accessories
     Necessary Tools

        - Long nose pliers

        - Screw driver ( No.2)

        - Scissors


You will find it unnecessary to solder  this TU882AS kit.  It's a  PCB assembled kit.


Connect one side of the jumper cable to the main board (PCB-A connector),


With the one side still connected to the main board (PCB-A), horizontally connect the other side of the jumper cable to the inside of the Headphone Jack plug (PCB-C connector).

                                                                  Install a hex-head spacer to the main chassis.



Install the main board (PCB-A) to the main chassis

                                                                         Now place the power supply unit (PCB-D) on the outside top part of the chassis. Attach the four connectors from the main board (PCB-A) to the power supply unit (PCB-D).


Place the transformer cover on top of the power supply unit.

                                                                             Install the four insulators to the bottom of the chassis.




Install the front panel and volume knob.


Insert the vacuum tube 5670(W) into the socket.


Install the protector for the vacuum tube.




You are now complete.


Now, plug your favorite headphones into the amplifier and enjoy the excellent sound produced by the vacuum tube amplifier.