TU-879S  Stereo Tube Power Amp
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6L6GC SINGLE STEREO TUBE                                       

POWER AMLIFIER (120V)            


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This is a single stereo power amplifier using the powerful 6L6GC. Assembly is easy. Anyone can follow the printed circuit board and obtain the same result. For this reason, you do not need to know the details of wiring and other technical details to assemble a vacuum tube.

TU-879s allows you to use KT88, KT66, EL34 (6CA7) power tubes without any remodeling.  (Replacement power tubes  are not included.)  

This amplifier is compact and powerful enough to surpass the capacity of output transformer in other models under the same class of our company (TU-877, 874, etc.). This amplifier includes premium capacitors which enhance the sound quality.

This amplifier installed with advanced "R-core transformer" as a power transformer that enables clear tone quality. To improve transient characteristics, both polypropylene film capacitor act as a coupling capacitor (previous model: polyester film) and low-ESR electrolytic capacitor are adopted in TU-879S. The highest S/N ratio among our models thanks to large reduction of ham-noise.

The ripple filter used with π-MOS FET in our higher end models is improved. The driver tube heater is powered from a DC supply with a 2mm thick shielded panel added to effectively reduce hum noise to the minimum. A number of other components have also been upgraded.

Great for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts:

TU-879S Assembly Highlights            











Vacuum tube:                             6L6GC EHX2 and 12AX7 (ECC83)

Rated output:                             8.5W + 8.5W (at the time of 8Ω)


Conformity speaker impedance:   3.2 - 5 Ω, 6 - 16 Ω

Residual noise (8 Ω time):            0.26mV (WIDE), 0.035mV (IEC weighting)

Signal-noise ratio (8 Ω time):       90dB (WIDE), 107.5dB (IEC weighting)

Frequency characteristic (-3dB):  20Hz - 43,000Hz

Input resistance:                         75k Ω    


Rated input:                                430mV     


Input terminal:                            Line input 2 system (RCA jack)

Power source:                             AC 120V 50/60Hz

Electric power consumption:         70W

Dimensions:                               W154 H150 D400mm (the spine is included)

Weight:                                      Approximately 6.5kg