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TU-8100 PCL-86 Stereo Power Amplifier Kit                                      

POWER AMPLIFIER (100V~240V)            





TU-8100 is a compact stereo power amplifier kit using multiunit tube(PCL86/14GW8) for the audio equipment 

This amplifier is equipped with a 2 line input terminal which can be directly connected to a portable music player as well as the normal pin for LINE IN (RCA) jack.

The power source AC adapter can be used around the world with the appropriate plug adapter


Vacuum tube PCL 86 X2
Rated output 2W +2 W
Rated input 500mV (INPUT-1), 150mV (INPUT-2)
Frequency response 23~33,000Hz
Residual noise 40μV(IEC WEIGHTING)
Suitable speaker 4-8Ω
Output terminal Binding terminal (banana plug )
Voltage DC 12V, approx 2A
Dimension  W142xH136xD178mm (including projections)
Weight 1.8KG 

Optional volume knob and rubber foot (sold separately)

Price $ 30.00



Tube dampers included in kit

The tube damper significantly reduces vacuum tube micro-phonic noise.

Siemens PCL86 matched pair tube set