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  Elekit  Audio Kits

TU-8200DX  6L6GC  Stereo  Amplifier Kit
 US$725.00  (available in late  January  2014)

PU-2111 Mini USB-DAC  with Headphone feature
 US$36.00  (optional Japanese Frisk  mints included)

PU-2112 Mini  Digital Amplifier
 US$27.00  (optional Japanese Frisk  mints included)
TU-HP01 Portable Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier (included 2 OPAamps)

TU-HP01 Portable Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier (included 7 OPAamps)
22(tu:tu:) Hybrid Tube Amplifier
TU-8100 PCL86 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifer Kit

TU-H80 12AX7 Hybrid Amplifer Kit



TU-8233   2A3/300B Single Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Kit

Automatic switching between 2A3 or 300B tube

TU-8230   2A3 Single Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Kit





A new Elekit’s vacuum tube amplifier with 2A3 tubes that enjoy deep-rooted popularity among audiophiles will be released later this year.

The model is a single stereo power amplifier with double amplifications by “6SN7GT” in the voltage amplification stage and “2A3” in the output stage.

Inheriting some specifications seen in current Elekit tube amplifiers, such as DC heater supply for all tubes, ripple filter by FET, and R-core power transformer, some new features will be added, such as a space that allows installation of a large oil capacitor, Vcap & Vitamin-Q for example, without modification, improvement of discharge characteristic by adopting Schottky barrier bridge rectifiers, and separate fuse for L-ch/R-ch in B supply.


Vacuum tubes                2A3 x 2pcs , 6SN7GT x 2pcs

Rated output                 3W3W (THD=Rated output 10%1kHzwhen 8Ω)

                                   (EH 2A3EH/GOLD:5.5W+5.5W (THD=10%、1kHz、8Ω)  )         

Rated input                   450mV

SN ratio                        Approx. 102dB, residual noise 0.05 (when 8 8Ω)

Frequency response     Approx. 10Hz-50kHz (when -3dB 2W output)

Speaker impedance     4 - 16Ω

Input terminal               LINE x 1 (Gold-plated RCA)

Output terminal            Gold-plated screw-type terminal(4-6.3Ω, 8-16Ω)

                                     Single/dual (19mm pitch) banana plug can be used.

Power supply              AC100V 50/60Hz (3P inlet)

                                   * 115V, 200V, or 230V specification available by changing the

                                    connector position upon assembly.

Weight                        Approx. 10kg

Dimension                  W370xH190xD270mm (incl. projections)



TU-8300  300B Power Amplifier  Kit



In celebration of the company's 15th anniversary, this Elekit 300B vacuum tube model TU-8300 stereo power amp is available in a limited edition.

Be one of the first to own one of the 500 units.

[Main Features] TU-8300

Triode Tubes or Pentode Tubes
Beside 300B (Triode Tube),  audiophile could try the different sounds of the Pentode tubes such as KT88 (6550), KT66, EL34 (6CA7), or 6L6GC without modification.
The TU-8300 comes with a second set of sockets that will take EL-34s, KT66, 6L6GC or KT88s.



Output Transformer or Volume Control
The Output Transformer in the amplifier can be easily replaced with different output transformers (OPT) for 300B or any volume control available in the market ! The "Magic Bracket" (A universal slide bracket) makes such change possible.

Constant-current self bias + Fixed bias method
Constant current self bias method is adopted so that a stable current supply is realized when any tube in our assumption is installed. As a result, no bothering adjustment of constant current value is required and safety operation is enabled. (Fine adjustment of the constant current value is still possible.)

Moreover, to minimize unnecessary electricity consumption and heating in the cathode circuit due to self bias method, a fixed bias method to apply negative voltage to the grid is adopted at the same time.

Output Protection
If the Output draws too much current, the output stage protection circuit will shut down the B Power and turn on the LED display.

In addition to using a polypropylene film capacitor for the coupling capacitors, low-impedance electrolytic capacitors are used for all vacuum tube cathode in the bypass section. This improves high-end sound quality.

Speaker Terminal
Large speaker terminals are used, providing support for thicker speaker cable. The AC cord is also thicker than previous models and can now be exchanged due to inclusion of an AC inlet.

Two 300B and two 12AT7 vacuum tubes are used. Rated output is 8W x 2ch.

Three analog sound terminals provide input. Output is analog sound terminal x 1.  External dimensions are 400 x 213 x 250 mm (WxHxD) .




Elekit Forum


TU-882R (kit)/ TU882AS (PCB assembled)  

5670W Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

TU-882R  (Kit) $380.00  (120V / 230V available)   



TU-882AS (PCB assembled) (120V / 230V available)



TU-870R   6BM8  Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier



This simple amplifier was accomplished with the vacuum tube "6BM8" that has a five triode for power amplification and a triode for amplified voltage.  The output is 2W + 2 W.





 Wood Cone Speaker Kit


 SP-BR02WM               SP-BR03WS              SP-WC01BK            SP-WC01BW



SP-BR02WM    $ 695.00       

SP-BR03WS     $ 695.00     

SP-WC01BK    $ 435.00    

SP-WC01BW   $ 435.00

For you DIY enthusiasts, Elekit Japan released as set of new DIY speakers, the SP-WC01. In this little kit you have two enclosures (15mm thickness), two 10cm speaker cones, two gold-plated terminals, acoustic material, and internal wiring.

If you're a good handyman you should get speakers which provide a frequency response of 118Hz-18,000Hz, sound pressure sensitivity of 90dB, an impedance of 8Ω, and a power input of 30W …


TU-879S 6L6GC Power Amplifier  (120V )

                    6moons Review..

                                       Positive Feeback Review..

Price:$589.00  Sold out


TU-879s allows you to use KT88, KT66, EL34 (6CA7) power tubes without any remodeling.  (Replacement power tubes  are not included.)  


Feedback from one of the Audiophiles:


I couldn't imagine when I put on my favorite 6L6GC. Not only the sonic quality is excellent, the background noise is nothing even I crank up to full volume (with no music playing of course). This is the quietest tube amp I've ever listened to. It is as quiet as the quietest solid state amp.





  TU-875  12AU7/ECC82 HYBRID PREAMPLIFIER (sold out)

Price:$445.00 SOLD OUT


This is a simple preamplifier without tone control. The pre-amplifier has a volume and balance control, a phono equalizer and a MC head amp. It is also compatible with a MM/MC cartridge





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