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  Elekit  Audio Kits

TU-8200DX  6L6GC  Stereo  Amplifier Kit
 US$775.00 Kit  

TU-8500   NOS 5965A /12AU7  Pre-Amplifier Kit
US$ 550.00 

TU-HP02  Discrete Portable Headphone Amp

Headfi  Review

TU-8300R-DX  300B/6L6GC Stereo Amplifier  Kit  (sold out)

 DX version 

TU-8300R stereo power amp is available in a limited edition.

The DX version includes the following upgrade parts ($50.00)

1. Alps RK2711200AK

2. 59 pieces Amtrans AMRS carbon film resistor  (1/2W)

3.  Amtrans  AMCO 0.047  X 6

 V-Cap CuTF   add $360.00

 V-Cap TFTF   add $260.00

  TDK   2CP601      $45.00

[Main Features] TU-8300R

Triode Tubes or Pentode Tubes
Beside 300B (Triode Tube),  audiophile could try the different sounds of the Pentode tubes such as KT88 (6550), KT66, EL34 (6CA7), or 6L6GC without modification.
The TU-8300 comes with a second set of sockets that will take EL-34s, KT66, 6L6GC or KT88s.



Output Transformer or Volume Control
The Output Transformer in the amplifier can be easily replaced with different output transformers (OPT) for 300B or any volume control available in the market ! The "Magic Bracket" (A universal slide bracket) makes such change possible.

Constant-current self bias + Fixed bias method
Constant current self bias method is adopted so that a stable current supply is realized when any tube in our assumption is installed. As a result, no bothering adjustment of constant current value is required and safety operation is enabled. (Fine adjustment of the constant current value is still possible.)

Moreover, to minimize unnecessary electricity consumption and heating in the cathode circuit due to self bias method, a fixed bias method to apply negative voltage to the grid is adopted at the same time.

Output Protection
If the Output draws too much current, the output stage protection circuit will shut down the B Power and turn on the LED display.

In addition to using a polypropylene film capacitor for the coupling capacitors, low-impedance electrolytic capacitors are used for all vacuum tube cathode in the bypass section. This improves high-end sound quality.

Speaker Terminal
Large speaker terminals are used, providing support for thicker speaker cable. The AC cord is also thicker than previous models and can now be exchanged due to inclusion of an AC inlet.

Two 300B and two 12AT7 vacuum tubes are used. Rated output is 8W x 2ch.

 External dimensions are 400 x 213 x 250 mm (WxHxD) .



TU-8233   2A3/300B Stereo Amplifier Kit (sold out)

Amtrans upgrade parts

Automatic switching between 2A3 or 300B tube

U-882R (kit)/ TU882AS (PCB assembled)  

5670W Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

TU-882R  (Kit) $385.00  (120V / 230V available)   



TU-882AS (PCB assembled) $410.00 (120V / 230V available)




TU-H82  Vacuum Hybrid  Amplifier  (1X 12AU7)

PS-3249 USB-DAC Kit

 US$36.00  (optional Japanese Frisk  mints included)

PU-2112 Mini  Digital Amplifier
 US$27.00  (optional Japanese Frisk  mints included)

TU-HP01 Portable Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier (included 2 OPAamps)

TU-HP01 Portable Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier (included 7 OPAamps)

22(tu:tu:) Hybrid Tube Amplifier

TU-8100 PCL86 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifer Kit

TU-H80 12AX7 Hybrid Amplifer Kit






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